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Gear Advice - Landers Fishing Pliers: Hey guys, Bit of a noob question here; I just rusted up some cheap pliers and a guy at the tackle shop recommended landers pliers, does anyone use these or have a recommendation on them? the guy ...
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Where in California can I find freshwater action like this?: Im taking a road trip to Cali in July and would love to explore the waters... Where can i find action like this.... ? https://youtu.be/VtMTy6m5kNQ Are there smallmouth Bass in the waters o...
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: ...
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Facebook: Been posting quite a bit to facebook lately. It makes it easier for me to post updates. Stop by for fresh content ...
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RE: Middle River check in : Yea it’s early. And the tide not so good. I’m in. Maybe launch again at noon. Ha ...
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7lbs. 4/8/16

7lbs. 4/8/16

Me and CV, 30.62 for 5, 9.74lb big fish, 1st place, Delta WON Bass Teams, 2007

Me and CV, 30.62 for 5, 9.74lb big fish, 1st place, Delta WON Bass Teams, 2007

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22nd Century Swimbait Co. Nezumaa Rat

Overview/History: The 22nd Century Swimbait Company’s Nezumaa Rat debuted in limited numbers in late winter of 2004.  This rodent imitator is available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.  The specs on the baits are as follows: Size Weight Body Total Length Small 3/4oz ... more
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