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Bass a thon Vendors
Matt, Triton Mike, 3:16, JSJ, Tylures, Rago, Swimbaits Inc. Black Dog, Huddleston will you guys be at the BAT and will you have baits to sell? than
niKKoOct-25-09 12:19 AM
by Triton Mike
Hi guys, wondering how you guys are fishing these heads. thanks
niKKoOct-22-09 07:55 AM
by niKKo
LED Trailer/Towing Lights "Wireless"
For any of you that have constant problems with your trailer lights. I bought a set of wireless tow lights at Pepboy's auto parts store about 6 mon
BaitemOct-21-09 12:43 PM
by swimbait
magnetic brake system
i just bought a magnetic brake system for my chronarch 100 mg. in order to install it i need to remove the svs brake system and the raceway from the
TrIpLe_IlLuSiOnOct-21-09 10:00 AM
by TrIpLe_IlLuSiOn
Let's go buy a boat
After 10 years of dreaming, 2 years of sharking the classifieds, and a month of serious looking I found the boat I want to buy. It's a 2006 Champion
swimbaitOct-18-09 11:16 PM
by ll kaidoy ll
potential reel sale
i have a chronarch mg 100 and a scorpion mg 100 that are both used. i might put them for sale, this is just a test to see if anyone would even be int
curadoOct-10-09 09:15 AM
by flowerpower2016
custom bass rods
does anyone know of a good source, online or here in socal to get aftermarket parts for bass rods? i want to see more options of rod handles because
TrIpLe_IlLuSiOnOct-07-09 09:46 AM02838
Truisms of boat shopping...
Truisms of boat shopping... I f it says call for price, it's too expensive If it has a 300hp motor, it's either red, yellow or a noxious c
swimbaitOct-01-09 12:11 AM
by ICSpots
thoughts on ebay
okay, so i just reestablished my status as "highest bidder" for a few items of choice on almighty ebay. i got to thinking about how lame it is when p
curadoSep-02-09 08:48 PM
by offduty
Super Spooks...
Hey guys, what colors do you prefere to use in the mornings and late evenings? thanks!
niKKoJul-16-09 03:15 PM
by Samurai TI
Wacky Fishing.....
Hello guys, Wacky rig fishing, I've never done it. I'm going to try it. How do you guys like Wacky fishing? What are the ways you rig your wa
niKKoJul-08-09 09:17 AM
by niKKo
Tora Tube
I was just browsing around the online tackle shops and came across the Tora Tube. It's been a long time since I seen one. I remember using one on the
niKKoJul-08-09 09:15 AM
by niKKo
Tackle Warehouse store in SLO
I am going on a vacation with my wife and kids next week and are going to be in San Luis for a couple of days. I was wondering if Tackle Warehouse ha
Sacto JohnJun-19-09 07:44 AM
by Ken A
xps on board charger problem
I have the 15 amp 3 bank on board charger from bass pro xps brand and the power light just flashes when its plugged in. I checked all the connections
Tm CustomsJun-10-09 07:48 PM
by curado
bass boat wreck
I was forwarded this clip, and thought I'd share. Makes you think twice about how fast you're going and how you take on boat wakes. This is a pretty
Matt PetersJun-01-09 12:55 PM
by Nu2Cal
Screen Cleaner/Glasses Cleaner
I meant to post this... The Lowrance gal at Santee Cooper shared a pretty cool little trick of the trade with me. She had a little spray bottle, a
Matt PetersMay-25-09 08:52 AM02940
Wrapped Calico TT Salty Clone Blue Sardine
Since I can't catch squat at the lakes I'm going to take the Hardbaits to the Salt. Done by Billy at Swimbaits Inc. I will be trying these out in a
niKKoMay-11-09 04:13 PM02981
reel make-over (stream-line butterfly)
my superfree chronie is in need of a fresh paint job. 1. has anyone ever repainted a shimano reel before? 2. if so, what type of paint did you u
curadoMay-08-09 11:05 AM
by magmaster
Suspending Swimbaits....
Hi guys!, Besides the Storms and Charlies is there any other suspending swimbaits in the say 6" to 10" size and in a trout and bluegill shape? T
niKKoApr-30-09 04:00 PM
by BASS1
SwimbaitsInc and Orso
Do these two bait makers use the same process in wrapping their baits? And if you are uders of either of these baits, are you happy with the dura
niKKoApr-30-09 03:55 PM
by BASS1
Swimbait Boat!?
Stumbled across this today. http://www.swimb aitboat.com/boatPage s/swimBaitBoat/ I gues I shouldn't be surprised as swimbaits and swimbait acce
Sacto JohnApr-28-09 09:28 PM
by Mikes Z-260
Gloomis - Shimano
This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at: http://www.calf ishing.com/dc/dcboar d.p
fishrider16Apr-10-09 06:22 PM03215
Recarpeting Bass boat
I am looking to recarpet my bass boat, and was wondering if anyone has done this themselves. I'm not sure if I should have some shop do it or do it my
Mikes Z-260Apr-01-09 08:19 PM
by Mikes Z-260
wanted: eyes from a megabass pop max
if anyone has a broken megabass pop max lure or the eyes from one please let me know, i would like to buy it or them. or if anyone knows how to get t
curadoMar-30-09 04:05 PM03430
Pool testing lures..
What are your guys thoughts on throwing lures in swimming pools and any effects chlorine might have on the lure or paint. What about the chlorine
PHISHnutSMar-30-09 04:02 PM
by curado
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