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Top Calfishing.com New Product Introductions and Product Availability
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Weekly Deals for January 17, 2011
The fun thing about surfing your way through eBay swimbait listing is that people are always mislabeling their stuff as 'swimbait' on purpose to try t
swimbaitJan-17-11 09:14 PM03699
Weekly Deals for January 9, 2011
First I need to say, smallie beaver - where have you been all my life? Until a week ago I'd never caught a bass on any lure whose name ended in beave
swimbaitJan-12-11 07:01 PM
by ICSpots
Megabass ITO Vision 110s in cool colors
TW has some real nice colors in the Vision 110 right now. This stuff all just makes me happy to look at - such a killer jerkbait :) [a href="http:
swimbaitJan-06-11 10:36 PM04308
TW fishing backpack
This is pretty tight. May need to add to my xmas wish list :) [a href="http://www.tac klewarehouse.com/Tac kle_Warehouse_Angler _Backpack/descpage-T W
swimbaitJan-06-11 02:36 AM
by niKKo
Weekly Deals for January 2, 2011
Welcome to 2011, it's time to find some deals on tackle :) eBay has their images on lockdown these days so I'll have to figure something out there.
swimbaitJan-02-11 08:56 PM03818
Mattlures Christmas sale and new baits!
Hi I have a new bait to introduce to you. It is my new Tournament series swimbait. It comes in 22 different colors/species and it is affordable at o
MattluresDec-02-10 08:15 AM
by Lake
Moto Wacky Hook - now available!
For those who don't know...I've been tying these for years for myself and finally decided to get these on the market for others to enjoy. :) Here's
Samurai TIOct-29-10 12:42 PM03309
Power Tackle Lateral Perch
This bait has been getting some press on bassfan.com lately. It's kind of crazy how suddenly there's two bluegill imitators that are designed to lay
swimbaitOct-29-10 09:18 AM04386
Baitsmith Series X
Some neat concepts here. http://www.baits mith.com/hard-baits/ series-x-topwater h ttp://www.baitsmith. com/images/stories/S eriesX/BaitSmith%20S eries
swimbaitSep-22-10 10:51 AM
by mitchm
BaitSmith Series X : Limited Release Details
All, We will be releasing the 1st Series-X Panfish top water baits in our bluegill pattern on 9/26/2010 at 6 AM PST on our website. This set of bai
mitchmSep-22-10 10:48 AM03320
New stuff from Mattlures
I have a new bait and some some shirts. Check them out, whatch ya think? http://mattl ures.com/Jitterfish. htm http://mattlure s.com/Mattlures_Shir ts.
MattluresAug-21-10 02:09 AM03425
Koppers Frog
Who knows if it works but that is one rad looking frog. [a href="http://www.tac klewarehouse.com/Kop pers_Live_Target_Hol low_Body_Frog/descpa ge-KLT
swimbaitAug-11-10 08:26 AM
by Sacto John
new cl8 bait video
there is new video of the CB-5" swimbait on my website at www.cl8bait.com Clayton
cl8baitJul-30-10 12:00 PM03212
Paycheck Baits - The One
Pretty cool looking bait. I'm def. going to purchase a few for fall delta striper action this year. [a href="http://www.tac klewarehouse.com/Pay ch
swimbaitJul-26-10 09:12 AM03937
New Tacklewarehouse.com site
Check it out, pretty slick http://www. tacklewarehouse.com/ images/logo-tackle.p ng
swimbaitJul-14-10 10:56 AM03745
New Replacement Treble Hooks, 8 & 10 Inch Tora Tubes @H...
Here are some new items at www.HookedUpTackle.c om Fowl Hooked Replacement trebles available in sizes #6 through #3/0 tied with Owner ST-36, ST-41 o
OliverJul-12-10 08:39 AM03718
Jerry Rago SKT Swimmers, BV3D Top Hook, Soft Live Trout...
New arrivals at Hooked Up Tackle include some of Jerry Rago's Soft Swimbaits, Upton Custom's 13" and 19" straight tail worms, and a new video featurin
OliverJun-29-10 08:24 PM
by Oliver
New Buzzjet Colors in Stock at Hooked Up Tackle
Some great new finishes available from Deps in their Buzzjet and Buzzjet Jr... http://www. hookeduptackle.com/ Ghost Minnow http:// i55.phot
OliverJun-16-10 08:15 AM03613
New Product Arrivals at Hooked Up Tackle 6/9/10
Finally getting caught up and getting some of our new product up on www.hookeduptackle.c om , today's installment includes: Black Dog Shellcracker G
OliverJun-08-10 07:13 AM03397
15% Father's day Sale at Hooked Up Tackle
From now until June 1, 2010, receive 10% off your total purchase and get the gear you need for the season. All orders over $50 will receive FREE Ship
OliverJun-07-10 06:41 AM04230
new Cl8 Bait 5" is available on www.cl8bait.com
The new 5" bait is available on www.cl8bait.com video is coming soon of the 5" in action, swims similar to the 9" Buy 2 or more 5" baits and shippi
cl8baitApr-28-10 10:56 AM03193
Cl8 Bait 5" is available!
Big Bass Hunters, The Cl8 Bait 5" CB-5"swim bait is ready! I currently have 10 different colors. The baits will be available on my website at http:
cl8baitApr-22-10 04:32 PM
by cl8bait
New Arrivals at Hooked Up Tackle, Koppers, Roumble Bead...
Hello everyone, This is the latest installment of new Product available and in stock at Hooked Up Tackle Fred Roumbanis' Tungsten Roumble Beads,
OliverApr-20-10 08:16 AM03924
New Robo Colors
@TW TW got in a bunch of new custom rob
swimbaitApr-06-10 08:56 PM
by fishtrax
New Vagabond, Smelly Jelly, Mojo items at Hooked Up Tac...
Another installment of new arrivals this week at www.HookedUpTackle.c om The Vagabond Wounded Double Prop Minnow http:// i55.photobucket.com/ al
OliverApr-01-10 07:21 AM04101
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