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Topic subjectSwimbaitsInc and Orso
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3570, SwimbaitsInc and Orso
Posted by niKKo, Tue Apr-14-09 12:46 PM
Do these two bait makers use the same process in wrapping their baits?

And if you are uders of either of these baits, are you happy with the durability?

3571, RE: SwimbaitsInc and Orso
Posted by SwimBaits Inc., Wed Apr-15-09 07:29 AM

Not exactly clear on ORSO's process, but mine is not as deeply embeded in the baits as the Orso's. SBI's baits are covered with three layers of epoxy type coating for exterior strength. Not to mention the swimming action difference.

3580, RE: SwimbaitsInc and Orso
Posted by BASS1, Thu Apr-30-09 03:55 PM
I have not used swimbaits inc yet, but i have many orsos and they are incredible durable! I really like them. Dave (maker) is also a great guy and his customer service is unbelievable