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Topic subjectbass boat wreck
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3587, bass boat wreck
Posted by Matt Peters, Wed May-13-09 01:04 PM
I was forwarded this clip, and thought I'd share. Makes you think twice about how fast you're going and how you take on boat wakes. This is a pretty nuts video:


And oh yeah, wear your lifejacket and kill switch at all times.

3588, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by Lake, Wed May-13-09 03:35 PM
I have watched that about 20 times over the week. Safety, Safety Safety at all times. PERIOD. Bassboats are high performance boats, not a toy.
3589, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by FIT, Thu May-14-09 10:27 AM
WOW that is scary!!!!
3590, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by swimbait, Fri May-15-09 11:21 AM
Jumping wakes at 70mph while filming it. Great plan.

Can anyone comment on what kind of boat that is? It was jumping all over the place in the clip just prior to the crash. They had the Merc racing engine and were obviously out for speed, just curious about the boat make/model.
3591, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by Lake, Fri May-15-09 11:48 AM
2000 Legend
3592, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by ICSpots, Sun May-17-09 08:05 PM
That is one lucky guy.

The scary thing is that the boat "hunting" back & forth in the clip prior to the accident wasn't enough of a clue to the guy that he was operating near the edge.
3594, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by Henry Shorr, Tue May-26-09 08:59 PM
I learned a lot by watching that. The boat appeared to be empty. Not only did it look light in the front when the lockers opened nothing flew out. To me the boat did not handle well. The water did not appear to be all that rough but the boat was on the bubble. After he hit the first wake and the bow dipped he still stayed on it. That should have been an indication to back off. I always want a little extra out of my boats but after watching the video I need to be careful what I wish for.

3596, RE: bass boat wreck
Posted by Nu2Cal, Mon Jun-01-09 12:55 PM
MAN, that guy is soooo lucky. That could have gone a lot worst in a lot of ways. Another life lesson learned no doubt. Kill switches...gotta love em'.