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Topic subjectScroungers
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3631, Scroungers
Posted by niKKo, Tue Oct-13-09 01:39 PM
Hi guys,

wondering how you guys are fishing these heads.

3633, RE: Scroungers
Posted by magmaster, Wed Oct-14-09 12:47 PM
Fish them like you would a spinnerbait or chatterbait. You just need to find the right trailer for that day and time.
3651, RE: Scroungers
Posted by niKKo, Thu Oct-22-09 07:55 AM
thank you mm...i went to dvl the next wednesday and could not get the boiling bass to eat anything! got 2 on a small croc.
got to the boat dock talked to a couple guys i asked, what did you guys use to match the small shad? he shows me a SCROUNGER with what looked like a 3 inch fluke! lol..dang it...
so i need to visit Erics Tackle...