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Topic subjectLED Trailer/Towing Lights "Wireless"
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3646, LED Trailer/Towing Lights "Wireless"
Posted by Baitem, Tue Oct-20-09 09:42 AM
For any of you that have constant problems with your trailer lights.

I bought a set of wireless tow lights at Pepboy's auto parts store about 6 months ago for 149.00 and they work pretty darn good. I used them on my Bayliner boat trailer and to pull my car behind my RV last month.

You can strap these on or use the magnetic mounts on the bottoms. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your towing vehicles trailer wiring plug and then mount the lights on your trailer or car. The transmitter then sends the brake - turn signals and running lights information to the wireless tow lights. Total hook up time for me was less then 1 minute.

Last week I went into a Northern Tool store to buy a new trailer hitch ball and found they are selling these same lights. I sure like mine and wished they would have came out with these a long time ago.  Would have save me a lot of headaches.