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Topic subjectRigging camera mount on back of bass boat
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3805, Rigging camera mount on back of bass boat
Posted by swimbait, Sun Dec-11-11 06:07 PM
Anyone have any good ideas on how to mount a tripod on the back of a bass boat. I want something that I can leave on while running around and in any weather condition.

Also need to have it rigged to stay out of the way of the person fishing on the back deck. My boat has a boarding ladder (metal) and I'm thinking of rigging some kind of metal pole from there. Ideally it would be right at the same height as the cowling for situations where you want to navigate under docks/bridges.

The GoPro Hero2 can run from a charger so I'm also plotting some kind of setup that can charge from the starting battery. 32gb flash cards are around $40 bucks so it's not unrealistic to swap cards 2 or 3 times in a day and shoot continuous. Tournament action maybe? Hm.