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71, Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by E-man, Mon Sep-01-03 10:40 AM
I was looking into purchasing the Humminbird Smartcast Wireless fishfinder, the one you wear on your wrist. I thought it would be great for when I go tubing. Has anyone tried one of these and is it worth buying? Thanks!
72, RE: Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by bluechalice, Mon Sep-01-03 05:59 PM
I have the watch smartcast...pretty cool...I usually have to switch the sensitivity to low so it will only read bigger fish...and not junk on the bottom...once I forgot to switch the sensitivity and i was fishing this sunken tree and the fish ID came on...and I thought a fish was hiding in the tree....after 15minutes I finally figured it was some trash like can or something...as I threw a big heavy jig in the exact spot and the fish icon didnt budge a little...LOL...also turtles will show up as fish on the LCD too...but over all its good...I use it on small city lakes...and sometimes it gets choppy and it still reads the bottom really well...the green sonar unit has good weight to it...so it casts a mile...but the battery cannot be replaced...but heck it lasts 400hours plus...the battery in the watch is easy to replace...can go to Savons and get it for $4.50...althought the unit comes with a spare battery....
One thing I dont like it that the settings on the watch unit always resets to default whenever you shutdown the unit...so like everytime you power up you have to switch on the fish alarm etc....
The green sonar unit looks like a little submarine...but underneath it has to metal contacts that turns it on whenever it hits the water...but I think it also makes it look like a green topwater frog lure...LOL I was worried when I casted it into the slop that a bass would pounce on it...
73, RE: Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by E-man, Tue Sep-02-03 09:29 AM
I think i'll go pick one up! I was concerned that the read out wouldn't be too accurate but sounds like you've had success with it. I figure when i'm in my float tube this will help me eliminate unproductive water, plus the portablity of it is a plus. I read that after the battery on the transducer dies you had to replace the whole unit but you said you replaced the battery on yours. When you did this, didn't that break the seal on the transducer and cause water to seep in the transducer? Thanks for your reply, it's been very helpful. Once I get the unit and try it out, I'll post my results.
74, RE: Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by bluechalice, Thu Sep-04-03 12:47 AM
Whoops...sorry didnt make it clear....I was actually talking about the battery on the watch unit...the transducer is sealed and thus the battery cant be replaced....so once it over you have to spend another $20 for another new transducer...but thats only after you have used it for 400 hours....everytime I go fishing I use is less than an hour each time...so it'll take you a while to run the batteries dry...as the transducer unit shuts off once its not in contact with water...
It is really helpful that it will eliminate unproductive waters...lets you concentrate on productive spots...and you can even use the transducer as a fishing float and attach a leader onto it and you can see your bait and fish activity on your LCS screen....
75, RE: Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by BURGIE, Wed Sep-03-03 01:00 PM
I ahve a portable hummingbird fish finder with a transducer for sale cheap. I quit tubing and have no use for it. Call me at 626-286-6009 or my cell at 626-533-2810