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74, RE: Humminbird Fishfinder
Posted by bluechalice, Thu Sep-04-03 12:47 AM
Whoops...sorry didnt make it clear....I was actually talking about the battery on the watch unit...the transducer is sealed and thus the battery cant be replaced....so once it over you have to spend another $20 for another new transducer...but thats only after you have used it for 400 hours....everytime I go fishing I use is less than an hour each time...so it'll take you a while to run the batteries dry...as the transducer unit shuts off once its not in contact with water...
It is really helpful that it will eliminate unproductive waters...lets you concentrate on productive spots...and you can even use the transducer as a fishing float and attach a leader onto it and you can see your bait and fish activity on your LCS screen....