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Topic subject22nd Century Baits
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1067, 22nd Century Baits
Posted by Matt B, Tue Nov-22-05 12:32 PM
I am from MA and looking for the 22nd century rat...i realize they have no website, is there a place where I can order one from CA by any chance? Web or Phone? Thanks for any help, and the swimbait fishing is alive and well here in the north east.
1068, RE: 22nd Century Baits
Posted by bass kid, Tue Nov-22-05 02:06 PM
I have 2 of the rats but havebtt had a chance to fish them. They do have a web site, its www.bigbait.jp i dont think its in english and their phone # is (052)778-2333 the box says that the baits are made in California.
1070, RE: 22nd Century Baits
Posted by swimbait, Tue Nov-22-05 02:30 PM
Try Performance Tackle at (562) 430-7671 or Anglers Marine at (714) 666-2628