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1157, Preffered Plastics
Posted by cst, Fri Jan-06-06 09:14 PM
Anyone know if Preffered Plastics has a website? cant even find an online store that carrys their products so a website for an online store would be nice. I've actually only seen these at Taylor Tackle so im not sure if any of you guys have heard of them.
1158, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by csufturtle, Fri Jan-06-06 11:30 PM
I think they went out of business, but you can hit up LifeLike Plastics in Covina,CA. Ask for Kenny and he can make anything you want from colors to molds. 626 966 0217.

Im not sure but i think he can ship them to you as well.

1159, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by cst, Sat Jan-07-06 11:20 AM
thanks, i'll give him a call soon.
1160, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by E-man, Sat Jan-07-06 06:27 PM
Go to Action Tackle in Mission Hills. He has a good selection of Preferred Plastics as well as many others. His phone number is (818)898-2177. He's located at 15338 Chatsworth St, Mission Hills, CA 91345. It's on Chatsworth just east of Sepulveda. Good luck!
1165, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by blufinhker, Sun Jan-08-06 07:47 PM
Hi guys Preffered Plastics was sold to a couple of guys in the Inland Empire BassMasters Club.They are two brothers, Kevin and Kent Michles..
1170, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by woodchucker, Mon Jan-09-06 12:35 PM
I know that guy Kent,I can get you his # if you want it.He is making plastics out of his garage.
1175, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by blufinhker, Mon Jan-09-06 10:07 PM
Hey guys I was at my Bass Club meeting Monday and Kevin said it was alright to put his number in the post so anybody intersted in Preferred Plastics please feel free to call him...

Kevin Michles (951)737-7376
1176, RE: Preffered Plastics
Posted by cst, Mon Jan-09-06 11:19 PM
thanks a lot. i posted on another site and WreckinBall (jerry) from that site posted this...

"Yup. It's a garage bait, but it's out of a different garage. That Glendora address is no longer correct. The company was recently sold to a fellow named Mike who runs the company out of Norco or Corona (951)-737-7376

A wide selection of Preferred Plastics are sold out of Kenny's Rod and Reel in Upland. His number is (909)-931-9848

Mike pours worms to fill orders. At this time, there is no catalog."

so i guess we have conformation.

thanks again.