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Topic subjectJust like to introduce myself and my custom baits
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1639, Just like to introduce myself and my custom baits
Posted by Snax, Thu Aug-31-06 04:40 PM
Hey gang, very nice site. I checked it out after I recieved an email from one of your regulars Matt Allen inquiring about my baits.

I am the owner and artist of muskysnax.com and I primarily make wooden musky glider jerkbaits and crankbaits in very realistic patterns. It turns out that many of these baits are also great for large bass, both fresh and saltwater species.

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask anyone interested to check out my baits here in this forum so forgive me if I'm outa line.
I'd love to hear some comments and ideas for new patterns that might be great for your big bass. I know Matt suggested that I do some trout patterns which I can certainly do upon request. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me at muskysna@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!