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Topic subjectRE: Rago at it again
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1732, RE: Rago at it again
Posted by baiter, Fri Oct-06-06 09:36 PM
Personally I don't care if people keep a couple big fish, but I'd like to hear it first hand that those fish rolled and not that someone forgot the camera in the truck and needed some kind of proof.

I'm pretty sure these guys have enough meat in the fridge from the previous 50lbers.

125lbs of fish = what 30-45 lbs of meat....

Jerry doesn't have anything to prove, we know his baits kill em, so I can't figure this pic out. Kind of depressing.

As for the landlocked stripers there should be no limit on fish under 25" or whatever and 2 fish over ("XX")

believe it or not people can wipe out even a striper fishery.. I should know, I live 15min. from one that used to be limit style 7-12lbers and now on a goooood day (non-inlet bite) you get two to four 4-6lbers working major structure. With the occasional exceptions during trout stockings, in which the Live trout trollers decide its fun to kill 5-10 fish over 15lbs. :(

I'm used to the rapeage so do whatever you want at the river, it's your go to spot, just don't come to mine when it finally makes a comeback in a few years.

So Shane did all 10 of those stripers you killed at Castaic die? or was that just your excuse?