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Topic subjectRE: Fish Arrow Flat Jack & Optimum T's Refrex
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354, RE: Fish Arrow Flat Jack & Optimum T's Refrex
Posted by JUANCHO, Mon Nov-29-04 04:10 PM
Hi Rob,

Well i finally got a chance to try out that Flat Jack swimbait, it is basically a topwater bait that walks the dog, i like it because it is real easy to work and also because it does catch fish, nothing huge yet but it did produce a 5 and 6 2 weeks ago. I didn't have the camera with me so no Video yet, this Sunday i'll be on the water again and i'll make sure i bring it. This bait would probably be also good as a dead stick bait, as it stands in the water just like a normal bluegill would and it moves with the current real well.

I just ordered a "Real California" from Lucky Craft and also a Dagored from Jackall Bros. from Tackle Warehouse they look nice so we'll see how the action is and if they produce next weekend.

Hope your catching some hawgs up there, take care and talk to you soon.