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364, RE: Fish Arrow Flat Jack & Optimum T's Refrex
Posted by swimbait, Tue Nov-30-04 03:16 PM
Here's my report from when I went there:


There's a pic of a tilapia on there that I snagged under the boat dock so I could get a pic of it. There's jillions of those things in there. They just look like bluegill basically.

As far as tips go, the main tip is - get a guide who is good on that lake. I assume you speak spanish so language won't be an issue. We had a hard time communicating with our guide because he didn't speak any english at all. I speak some spanish but not enough to really communicate about fishing.

When we were there it seemed like there were two main patterns, either right on the shore fishing in cuts and around patches of hyacinth with topwaters, or out in the creek channels dragging plastic like worms or 7" senkos. Now I hear a lot of talk about 5" storm swimbaits producing there and it's obvious why with all the tilapia. If I were to go back, I'd be chucking 5 and 6" big hammers in the creek channels and around the wood. I'd probably fish 12" worms more, and of course look for the shallow topwater type bite in the shade pockets and in the evening. Those fish on the shallow stuff will eat the 9" Slammer for sure, you just gotta be on the right water where the big bass are at. The Slammer bite for me was all about casting the bait within 6" of the shore or the cover and then twitching it down like a rapala. Most of the bites, you'd twitch it down under the surface and it just wouldn't come back up. The water is so warm there that the fish just hold super tight to the cover by the shore.

Anyway, it's a big lake, tons of cover, tons of places to fish. So getting near the bigger fish is step 1.