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Topic subjectTriple Trouts at TW
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2649, Triple Trouts at TW
Posted by swimbait, Mon Jun-08-09 12:47 PM
At long last :)

Triple Trouts at TW

Prices are:

6" - $59.99
7" - $64.99
8" - $69.99
10" - $84.99

2650, RE: Triple Trouts at TW
Posted by Tm Customs, Wed Jun-10-09 12:41 PM

Anyword on wen or if any of the other 22nd century baits will become more avalible.
2654, RE: Triple Trouts at TW
Posted by swimbait, Fri Jun-12-09 11:40 AM
The word is that TW is going to get a different color bait each month. I don't know what the colors will be.

Scott from Triple Trout has always been about low production and high quality so I'd imagine that he's just putting out what baits he can and this is one way to do it. Obviously TW would like to carry the full lineup, so maybe over time they'll be able to stock up.

You just have to understand that there's not some factory pumping out Triple Trout. It's Scott, making each one from start to finish by hand. And this is why the baits are so money and so many people fish them and catch big fish and win tournaments on them :)