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Topic subjectNew Jerry Rago Tools & Raptors at Hooked Up Tackle
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2702, New Jerry Rago Tools & Raptors at Hooked Up Tackle
Posted by Oliver, Thu Jul-30-09 10:59 PM
3rd night in a row with some new items at Hooked Up tackle, Jerry Rago 4 Piece Tools and Raptors:


We are proud to be the first to offer the beautifully crafted 13" Jerry Rago Tool now in a 4 Piece model

Also new is the Hooked Up Tackle Original Generic Trout w/ Small Dots in the 9" and 10" 4 Piece Jerry Rago Tool

We finally have the 10" Jerry Rago 4 Piece Raptor as well, with the 8" and 6" models coming soon.