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Topic subjectStubby Steve's fishing lure
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2709, Stubby Steve's fishing lure
Posted by Stubby Steves, Wed Aug-05-09 08:54 AM
Hello! I'd like to introduce you to our new lure. We've only been selling it since Feb. It is an EXACT replica of a piece of fish food. (looks, smells, floats, and tastes just like it!) It stays on the hook unbelievably well.... today, we were told someone caught over 51 fish with just one piece!!!

It's great for fly fishing. Alot of fishermen are putting it on their hard lure for a chum trail that can't be beat! We can't wait to hear how it works with salmon!

*it's not just for fish who have been exposed to fish food... the odor attracts many, many species of fish!