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Topic subjectTW Stocking Power Poles
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2848, TW Stocking Power Poles
Posted by swimbait, Tue Mar-16-10 08:55 PM
I want this. Two on each boat would be nice...

Power Pole Professional 8 Foot - $1,449
2849, RE: TW Stocking Power Poles
Posted by Sacto John, Wed Mar-17-10 08:09 AM
I saw the coolest Power Pole trick yet on Hunt For Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg. He attached a quick release clamp like they use for down riggers on the the power pole and used it trolling for Muskeys. he was able to use the Power Pole height adjustment to adjust the running depth of the plugs to follow the contour of the lake bottom. Pretty cool idea. A power pole on my boat would be like putting a pig in a tuxedo, but I still want one.
2850, RE: TW Stocking Power Poles
Posted by Matt Peters, Wed Mar-17-10 03:58 PM
shazam. I need me two of those too.
2854, RE: TW Stocking Power Poles
Posted by ken y, Fri Mar-26-10 08:59 AM
These look great. Are they powered by the cranking battery? Anybody here that has installed one? I am interested and ignorant about this subject...