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Topic subjectNew Vagabond, Smelly Jelly, Mojo items at Hooked Up Tackle
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2856, New Vagabond, Smelly Jelly, Mojo items at Hooked Up Tackle
Posted by Oliver, Thu Apr-01-10 07:21 AM
Another installment of new arrivals this week at www.HookedUpTackle.com

The Vagabond Wounded Double Prop Minnow

The Vagabond Wobble King

Another batch of Vagabond End Rean's, which sold out quickly the last time around

20 different scents from Smelly Jelly, including some new UV versions

Mojo Lures weight systems, including the Rockhopper, Carolina Sliders, Slip Shot and Sinker Stop Kits

10 different color/scent combinations of Spike-It 4" Scented Markers

We have also received the last batch of Jerry Rago Soft Tools in 9" and 11" that will not be produced for another 6+ months.

There is 1 Jerry Rago Smoothie available, which also will not be produced for the next 6+ months.

Jerry Rago BV 3D Swimbaits will arrive in the next week or so, get your pre-orders in as Hooked Up Tackle will receive one of the first shipments.

Thank you for the continued support!