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Topic subjectCl8 Bait 5" is available!
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2859, Cl8 Bait 5" is available!
Posted by cl8bait, Thu Apr-22-10 04:24 PM
Big Bass Hunters,

The Cl8 Bait 5" CB-5"swim bait is ready! I currently have 10 different colors. The baits will be available on my website at http://www.cl8bait.com in a few weeks, but I wanted to release them a little early. If you are interested in picking up a few of these baits send me an email of what you want and I will send you and invoice through paypal. Also I am numbering the first 100 baits. each bait costs $45

I don't have video of the bait swimming yet, but that will also be up on my website soon. It swims very similar to the CB-9"

1-same great durability as the CB-9" with slightly flexible material to absorb shock, and not break when accidentally casts against a dock, or rock.
2-Gamakatsu hooks
3-built in swivel on belly hook
4-lifelike swimming action
5-collapsible hinge system: meaning it can fold down to a smaller profile when a fish bites it. The segments of the bait has a lot of movement, and moves freely.
6-the fins and tail are also flexible to enhance durability, and are all glued in with maximum surface area to maintain a strong hold so they won't fall out.
7-realistic paint jobs
8-the bait works great as a jerk bait, and can also walk the dog under the surface, burn it, and slow roll it.
9-all stainless steel hardware
10-each bait is hand made by me in the USA with the customer and fish in mind.
11-best customer service. If you have any problems, questions, or would just like to tell me about your experience with a Cl8 Bait give me a call and I will make it right, answer any questions, or reminisce about fishing experiences.

There are three sink rates, floater, slow sink, and fast sink.

The floater is an extremely finesse bait, it can be worked deadly slow, and when sped up it goes slightly underwater. I feel one of the best features it has is its ability to be worked super slow next to structure, and stay in the strike zone longer to trigger a bite. I will throw it up next to bushes and small rock points and work it slow. The first cast I made with the floater I caught a 3lb bass on the bone white. I worked it about 1 foot and I was on!
I recommended using a small size 1 cross lock snap made by Berkley or to tie strait to the bait, and 12-15lb mono to keep it on the surface. This bait comes with a size 1 snap

The Slow sink sinks approximately 1/2 foot per second, and can be fished from 0-6 foot range depending on retrieve and line; I recommended 12-15lb fluorocarbon. This bait can be slow rolled a little bit slower than the sinker, and can be jerked with an enticing erratic motion. Depending on the color, when jerked the bait has a real nice flash to it and looks extremely real.

The Sinker sinks approximately 1 foot per second, and can be fished from the 6-15 foot range depending on the retrieve, and how far it is counted down. Like the slow sink it can be jerked with enticing flashes. This bait is similar to the slow sink but obviously a little heavier, so it can be to fished deeper.

These baits are extremely castable,

CB-5" weights
Floater-21 grams or .8 ounce
Slow sink-24 grams or .9 ounce
Sinker-28 grams or 1 ounce

Recommended tackle:
7" medium heavy
mono on floater
fluorocarbon on slow sink and sinker
curado 200 6:1

My email is clayton@cl8bait.com contact me to place orders and to let me know what you think of the baits, also I would love to see the fish you all catch on the them!


2860, RE: Cl8 Bait 5" is available! (more pics)
Posted by cl8bait, Thu Apr-22-10 04:29 PM
more pics

2861, RE: Cl8 Bait 5" is available! CB-5" compared to CB-9"
Posted by cl8bait, Thu Apr-22-10 04:32 PM