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Topic subjectWeekly Deals for March 20, 2011
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2917, Weekly Deals for March 20, 2011
Posted by swimbait, Sun Mar-20-11 09:06 PM
There's some nuggets on eBay right now. The T-n-T Plug was an AC Plug type bait that was talked about at Casitas back in the 90's. You very seldom see them for sale and I was surprised to see one on there today. Z-Plug is another bait that has never been very maintstream but enjoys a following at places like DVL.

TW has a great price on selected colors of sebile magic swimmers. If you're a guy who likes to custom paint your baits this is a good chance to pick up bodies for 10 bucks.

Spring is late again this year but that just makes pre-spawn longer so life ain't all bad :) There's been some good fishing out there lately. The Delta put out big weights, Clear Lake is cranking 20-30lb sacks no problem. Good things are happening, bass are hungreeee.

Deals on TW

Revo Toro 51 Reel Sale - $269.99

Lucky Craft Iron Athlete Braid Sale - $12.88

Sebile Magic Swimmer - selected colors Sale - $10.99

Logina Rico - selected colors Sale - $16.88

Leverage Landing Net Sale - $89.88

Deals on eBay

Nate Bait 10 inch Current Bid - $50.00

Z-Plug 600J Starting Bid - $9.99

Bluegill Hardbait - unknown make Starting Bid - $39.99

9in Trout MS Slammer Current Bid - $14.27

8in White 3:16 Freestyle Slow Sink Current Bid - $177.82

8in Tiger Trout pattern ROF5 Hudd - signed Current Bid - $29.99

T-n-T trout and Arbogast AC Starting Bid - $30.00

3:16 Real Deal Current Bid - $132.50

FLT Flex Lure Technology Hard Swimbait Garison Raiygo Current Bid - $17.50