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Topic subjectRE: Rodent fishing lure design!!!!
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2962, RE: Rodent fishing lure design!!!!
Posted by Nufo, Sun Oct-30-11 10:48 PM
>>Ok, I give up. What does "OG" stand for?
>I believe it stands for original.
>As for why Rago would patent his inventions? Well, after his
>Generic 3D, and Flat back Generic soft bait's were
>counterfeited, thousands were sold in Japan,(he never seen a
>single penny of those sales), then his Generic hard bait was
>counterfeited and also sold over seas again with out seeing a
>single penny. Shortly after his 8 inch baby tool was copied
>and injected molded by a large company. I think the guy's name
>was Ill Stealandsell?? Does that answer your question as to
>Rago is not a school teacher or a fire fighter, he invents and
>builds baits for a living. His company supports three family's
>currently and in this economy he needs all the protection he
>can get. These days there is hardly any ORIGINALITY,
>INTEGRITY, or LOYALTY............everyone is coping everyone
>I congratulate Jeremy Anderson, Ken Huddleston and again Jerry
>Rago on their Patents and I hope that the days of originality
>and creativity come back again.
>Peace, Rafael

Originality, Integrity, and loyalty.

Dude it is all about money 2 of the three bait makers you posted have products made in china. Talk about integrity & loyalty. WOW