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2949, RE: Flipin the Bird
Posted by swimbait, Tue Oct-11-11 10:08 PM
Aright, here's the deal. Did a real-world test yesterday. Flipped my bird up in the junk and gave it the old tester-ooo.

Half the time this lure lands right side up and fishes great. It has a snappy walk the dog action because of the single tail and looks passably like a wounded bird.

The other half of the time the lure lands upside down and looks like a bird that forgot how to fly.

Watching the various youtube videos from the guys who make this thing, it's apparent that right-side-up is not so important to how they fish it. Seems the goal is to cast it over a branch or tully and just splatterpole it. Not such a bad plan!

But for open water fishing, rate your odds like flipping a coin.

Before next summer I'll experiment with some weighting options a-la Bobby's Perfect frog and see if the upside down bird issue can be resolved.

No matter what side is up, you gotta give some credit here for innovation. This lure will get bit.