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Topic subjectRE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
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426, RE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
Posted by magmaster, Wed Jan-05-05 08:05 AM
I would still pay because I have the money available to do so. I understand the reasoning why most prople don't want to pay $250 for a swim bait also. But like I said these are designed for the person who is serious about catching trophy fish and for collectors. I was with Mickey at the Bass-a-thon at Anglers Marine a few months ago and he sold quite a few of the walking baits. They were selling for $150 and we had a few guys buy 2 the first day and come back and buy 3 or 4 more. If you can do math that is well over $250 that they spent to buy a couple of baits. But I'm tired of arguing and restating my opinion over and over again. If it's too expensive for you then don't buy it. But you at least need to see the bait work in the water and then maybe you'll understand.