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Topic subjectRE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
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439, RE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
Posted by swbt_maker, Wed Jan-05-05 04:03 PM
personally i think i would be a little more happy having 10 huddlestons over 1 armageddon. yes, it's probably a durable bait and way more durable than soft plastic but not for the price. i personally make swimbaits, wood only, and as far a they way they look they aren't far off the armargeddon, though i've never seen an aramgeddon swim and i bet it is amazing and it swims better than a real stocked live trout, mine don't swim to bad either, but i could never justify gouging a customer $250 for a handcrafted bait, and yes there is labor and time going into production and a lot of time went into testing the bait, what it boils down to is really how long does it take to pour the resin into a mold, add very little hardware and then paint the bait. o well i could be totally wrong on this subject but that is just my opinion.