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Topic subjectRE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
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447, RE: Just Curious Why the 3:16 is so EXPENSIVE!
Posted by Kellen, Wed Jan-05-05 07:43 PM
Why is it priced that high? Because people will pay that much for it. Maybe you won't, but plenty of others will. Mickey isn't a dumb###, he knows what he is doing and he is trying to make a living. His baits can help you catch more fish, why complain? If its not in your budget, so be it.

Mickey has been working for a LONGGGG time on this bait, if you talk to him you know how much he likes making these hard baits, but its also a lot of work. Alot of time, effort, and money went into the testing of this bait. Who knows how many prototypes he has made to get this to a quality level he feels is good enough for YOU to use. He could have sold his first proto, I remember going to seminar by Mike and John over a year ago where he raffled off one of the first Armageddons, and it drew quite a crowd. People came from all over for a chance to win that bait. Truth is, he didn't feel like at that time he had it good enough to introduce to the public. He went back to the drawing board, worked his tail off to come up with what hes got now, and you better believe its worth every bit of that price. Heck, I would be willing to bet a pretty penny he could sell it for a lot more. You can be sure this bait is better than the prototypes, so the durability issues have been resolved through trial and error, and a lot of hard work.

Any of you questioning the price, go work your tail off for over a year on a project, and then see what you want to sell it for.

Mickey could have spent that time making his soft baits, and shipping him to Japan where they just eat em up...but he spent all that time making a bait he was passionate about, and then here you guys are saying its overpriced. You know whats going to happen? Mickey is going to get tired of this stuff, and just stop selling baits all together in the states, because let me tell you, they cant get enough of em in Japan. And whoever made the Lucky Craft comparison, go put a Armageddon side by side with the Real California...you'll see why theres a difference in price.

If you cant afford them, or can't justify spending that much on something to help you catch big green fish, then leave em on the shelf for those that can.