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Topic subjectunknown slip sinker
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43, unknown slip sinker
Posted by Drop_Shot, Thu Aug-21-03 09:29 AM

I need help locating slip sinker that looks like the one I have drawn.
Several years ago I acquired a large quantity of these, now I am down to my last one and can not find them anywhere.
If anyone knows anything about this type of weight please help.



44, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by Sacto John, Thu Aug-21-03 01:26 PM
I used to use those all the time as well, great for flipping. But I have not seen them in stores in a while.
45, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by E-man, Thu Aug-21-03 07:29 PM
Yeah haven't seen those sinkers in a while either but I believe Water Gremlin used to make them...
46, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by CJ, Fri Aug-22-03 07:08 PM
I think this is going to be a tough task. Water Gremlin did make that weight at one time, but not anymore. It was called a "Snagless Bullet" or something like that, made not to catch up in grass. The WG website does not even list this item anymore, but they do have a dealer locator. You might find a dealer that has old stock of that bullet. Good Luck.
47, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by swimbait, Fri Aug-22-03 08:01 PM
I have a purple one I found one time. I'll sell it to you for 10 bucks :) j/k It seems like I saw packs of these on the shelves in Wilderness Outfitters but that was like 3 years ago so maybe they are gone. Maybe lurecraft has a mold? good luck and search google.com if you haven't already.
48, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by NoTrollMotor, Fri Aug-22-03 08:27 PM
Wonder if there is a patent? Lead molds are easy to make, and it appears there is a market. Looks like a damn good idea.
49, RE: unknown slip sinker
Posted by , Thu Aug-28-03 10:28 PM
They are coned shaped (right?). Seems just like bullet sliders for Carolina rigging. If you don't find them at your local Wal-Mart or Big-5, then try www.bassproshops.com You will find them.