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Topic subjectSanta fe Dam fishing?
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1307, Santa fe Dam fishing?
Posted by , Sun May-06-01 05:52 PM
hey fellow fishermans,

have anyone ever fished Santa Fe Dam lake in the city of Irwindale? if so, what is the best baits/lures and spots for the bass there?

for the fishermans who doesn't know where it is, it's by the 605 fwy. in the city of irwindale.

should try it out some time. caught my first channel catfish there and saw some other fishermans caught some good size bass.
the lake is also not that big.

thanx and good luck,

aaron d.
1308, RE: Santa fe Dam fishing?
Posted by bruin, Mon May-07-01 04:39 PM
I fished it a couple of times when I lived down there in Rowland. It gets awful hot during the summers and the only way to go would be to toss bait for the planters. There is the stocker size trout in the winter and DFG cats in the summmer but I never experienced a WFO bite. Plus its in Irwindale! Place has memories though. I did my first triathlon there in 1989. Bass are not heavily sought after.
1309, RE: Santa fe Dam fishing?dear bruin........
Posted by , Wed May-09-01 04:02 PM
hey bruin,

first of all thanx for the reply, but i got one more question,

do you know any lakes that are very good for catfish in the summer? instead of irvine or santa ana river lake, do you know of any that are closer to the l.a. area?

thank very much,
aaron d.

1310, Puddingstone
Posted by bruin, Wed May-09-01 05:20 PM
You know, in the summers Puddingstone, which is only 12 miles east of Santa Fe on the 10 freeway in San Dimas, can be pretty reliable. I've seen lots of cats brought up out of there using a variety of methods. A good place to try is by the boat rental. The guys working there will usually let you fish off the dock (heck they do it themselves!) but anywhere around there also works. Of course, evening is the time to go. Once a month they'll bust a midnight madness fishing deal where you can camp on the shoreline for just entry fee and fish all night. Never camped but did fish nights, and it was pretty fun.

Threaded nightcrawlers consistently banged 'em over there. A few years ago, one guy was trolling rapalas for trout & nailed a 17 pound whiskerfish. They're in there, somewhere.

It's a decent place to take kids who are starting. They have a thriving bluegill population with some decent redear as well.

If you hit it up, post so I can keep up with the So Cal scene.