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18376, MFL - more
Posted by swimbait, Tue Mar-06-12 10:34 PM
Mmmm, sudden death fishoff. Yummy :)

This format in general is fun. You watch and you're glued to it the whole time. Well except the part where they have to pretend that there's a good vineyard in Del Rio Texas, or when the sasquatch farting ad airs over and over.

But for sure, the fishing part is tops. So far the best guy from BASS (Van Dam) and the best guy from FLW (Ehler) are 1 and 2. So go figure right? And next weekend it's McClelland's bracket (3 time Elite series winner) and he's on them so he'll probably be in the top 4.

The most fascinating part of the show is watching each guys' style. How they make decisions, what triggers them to make a move or change a bait.

This last weekend shows Van Dam as he's got the rest of the field in a headlock and he's about to win. He'd just caught several nice ones on crankbaits but then to finish it off he goes to a jerkbait? You're thinking why? Why not just finish off with what got you there - but that's not the point. The point is he understands why to change to a jerkbait right then and catch fish after fish including a double hookup.

Ehler's sickest move is when he sees meter fish, winds up, and drops on them while stopping the boat. He does it several times and it works. I've tried this a hundred times and it seldom works for me. For him it's working repeatedly during the day. Wrong!

Some of the guys like Aaron and Kriet are incredible natural fishermen but you can see why they don't win as much as KVD and Ehler. There's a slight lack of killer instinct somehow. Hard to explain but you can see it in the show. These guys like KVD, Ehler, and McClelland know how to kill and keep killing.

The natural fishermen know how to find a seam and ride it. Iaconelli is something of a natural fisherman too. But that style wins maybe one major event every 2 or 3 seasons where these other guys are winning 1 a year, or KVD style winning several.

These guys who are really the killers have a sense of anticipation that is built on a base of experience and intelligence. It's damn fun to watch them fish. I feel how these guys feel a few times a year if I'm lucky. These guys can get in that mode in most events.

Waiting anxiously for the next episode. And secretly hoping they send these guys to CA at some point. Not somewhere good like Clear Lake, but somewhere brutal like Don Pedro in January :) It's easy to be a hero when the fish are crushing reaction all day. I want to see the masters at work when it's chuck swimbait all day for 2 bites vs. fish in 60 feet for 8 bites and those two programs both put you at 16lbs.
18377, RE: MFL - more
Posted by swimbait, Sun Mar-11-12 09:03 PM
Sudden death round 2 begins now :)

Prediction: The guys who fish on MLF are going to start dominating on their respective circuits. Reason - this elevates the competition above normal. So everyone fishing MLF has to think and operate differently. It's going to translate right back in to their regular events.

Ehrler won the Hartwell FLW today. Let's see who wins the BASS Opener on the St. Johns in a few weeks.
18378, RE: MFL - more
Posted by Sacto John, Tue Mar-13-12 12:36 PM
Based on your review I bought the online subscription. It has not been disappointing. Thanks for your review, now NO MORE SPOILERS!!!:P
18379, RE: MFL - more
Posted by Nico, Tue Mar-13-12 07:42 PM
Sudden death round 2 was pretty good. My favorite part was when skeet flips the a-rig 30 feet to a rock wall, gets bit on the sink, misses it, lets the rig sink back down and catches one reeling it almost straight up from under the boat.
18381, RE: MFL - more
Posted by swimbait, Mon Mar-19-12 08:55 AM
OK I won't spoil it but the final round last night was another fun one :)

My favorite section was the last 10 minutes. There's KVD, his hair is matted. He's looking kinda wounded, like a guy who has thrown reaction in the wind for 4 days straight. His reel is making a sound that says, "I've been abused help!"

The wind is blowing a steady 12. He's landing fish on a crankbait, unhooking them barehanded, weighing and releasing them so fast it makes all the other competitors look like kids. Like kids at a farm pond with a worm. Serious. It's just a display.

You seldom see these guys looking like this. Haggard and vicious. McClelland says he's never fished so hard in as a long as he can remember. They all have a kind of wild-eyed look to them by the end. It's great :)

Biggest laugh for me was at the trophy presentation when everyone walks on stage holding a Busch beer. When I first heard about this format my initial thought was that this sounds like a Bass-n-Tubes tourney. The cheap beer proved it. ROFL.

Great stuff, can't wait for the next one.
18383, RE: MFL - more
Posted by Lake, Tue Apr-03-12 11:22 AM
I have been watching the tv show. I am sure it is cut way down but it is now the best fishing show on TV
18384, RE: MFL - more
Posted by swimbait, Tue Apr-03-12 09:02 PM
When is the next event? What's the deal? Their website has no info. I'm hungering for something to watch.