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Topic subjectWhite Slough
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18393, White Slough
Posted by kunafloat, Sat May-12-12 03:17 PM
Hey Folks, I am yet to fish at White Slough but want to head out there in the next week. I have a 10 ft Jon with just a trolling motor so I can't cover a real lot of water. Is Honker Cut Marina the best place to put in and if so should I head north up to the "Y" or fish the islands just south of the marina. Also if anyone has a recent report that would be great too.
18394, RE: White Slough
Posted by dockboy, Sat May-12-12 08:18 PM
Honker Cut Marina is a good launch to fish the far eastern part of Whites, H&H would allow you more access to the northern/western areas. Its a long slough, so pick an area and dissect it down. I fished there a few weekends ago, but it wasnt on. Whites always has big fish, only way to find out is to go. I was out today in the middle Delta in and around Mildred and Franks. Lots of small bucks, swimbaits/senkos/spooks for me.
18395, RE: White Slough
Posted by Tm Customs, Wed May-16-12 11:21 PM
Hey Jim where do you live? Theres also some good places to fish that you can do in a small boat launching out of pirates lair marina near islton rio vista area. That was always my best area when I only had a small boat. Lots of dock areas and tulies in the main river.