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Topic subjectWorld Record Striper Disallowed
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18430, World Record Striper Disallowed
Posted by Carrot Top, Fri Aug-10-12 01:58 PM
Because of the A-rig...

18431, RE: World Record Striper Disallowed
Posted by swimbait, Fri Aug-10-12 02:47 PM
Dannng that is a big striper. Looks like it just ate about ten of those 2lb bass they were catching in the Elite Series event at Bull Shoals. Bull Shoals! Where's Matt Peters at :)

Kinda feel bad for the guy. He was following the law and didn't get the record because of IGFA rules. I never considered that A-rig would be legal to use but wouldn't count according to IGFA.
18432, RE: World Record Striper Disallowed
Posted by Carrot Top, Fri Aug-10-12 03:46 PM
More info here:

IGFA ruling on A-rigs...

"After significant review by our Rules Committee, we consider your lure to be a spreader bar arrangement. IGFA Equipment Regulations state: "spreader bars are permitted to be used provided that the actual fishing line is attached to the snap or other release device, either directly or with some other material." Since the angler's line is not attached to a release device so that the hook could be disengaged from the lure arrangement, this lure violated IGFA equipment rules for spreader bars."