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Topic subjectFirst Delta Trip
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18442, First Delta Trip
Posted by C-hunt209, Sun Oct-28-12 10:40 PM
So, I've finally purchased a bass boat and I'm planning my first trip to the delta mid to late November. I'm looking for a little info/advice from some seasoned Delta anglers. I'll be coming from Merced and I was thinking of launching at the end of 8 Mile Rd in Stockton. I launched there years ago while wakeboarding with some friends and it seemed like a good area. However, I have no other areas to compare it to. Any suggestions? Being that for years I've pounded the banks of ponds, creeks and backwater, I feel the Delta plays to my strengths of shallow water and heavy cover. Much more to my style than the deep clear reservoirs around here like Don Pedro and McClure. I'm great with a topwater bait (I love frogs!), shallow square bills, pitching plastics and fishing shoreline cover and structure, but trying to fish a 4" worm in 60 feet just drives me crazy. I'm really looking forward to finally getting on the Delta and obviously I would love for my first trip to be as rewarding as possible. So if anyone has any advice on areas, good patterns for the last half of November, or just anything else someone should know before fishing this notorious water, I would be more than grateful. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their experience and get me started in the right direction.