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Topic subjectThe Classic
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18463, The Classic
Posted by swimbait, Fri Feb-22-13 05:02 PM
At every Bassmaster classic, dudes get hung up on saying some particular saying and you hear it 53x during every weigh in. This year the saying is, "I ran my ---- boat and my ---- all up and down Grand Lake and it ran so good"

Can't wait to hear this at least 53x more times tomorrow. Someone needs to get up there and just be like listen, I ran my boat about 2 miles today ok and it was like any other day.
18464, RE: The Classic
Posted by swimbait, Sun Feb-24-13 09:08 PM
Great finish today. I was really hoping Palaniuk would pull it off. Zorro was posting pics on Facebook from shotgun in Palaniuk's truck rolling in to the stadium. My wife looked over and said, "he looks just like Chris, you should call him Z2". Ha. Can't be any worse than Brandon Power Palaniuk or whatever that announcer dude was saying.

Those poor guys froze their cajones off for days on that lake and half of them had to use fake Vision 110's in the process. A-rig would have crushed those bass. But what can you do. I envy them every minute of that freezing wasteland.

In closing I would like to say...

I ran my Triton Yamaha wrapped in Bass Feast scent up and down Grand lake and damn, the fuel efficiency with bio diesel was amazing. As I cast my Quantum Smoke, Shimano combo with 10lb test Hi Seas line under that dock, I just knew those big drum had no chance. And if you didn't know, it's pronunciated Rap-uh-luh, at least that's what Roland told back at the Big-O in 1964.

PS - I sleep in my truck and bathe in lunker sauce. Tundra Hostel forever!