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Topic subjectKoppers Baitball
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12183, Koppers Baitball
Posted by swimbait, Wed Jul-10-13 07:34 PM
Someone finally did it. Yeah I know, the story of the lure I invented but never made :) But I did dream this up years ago. I pictured it as a large tube bait, with the sides painted like a school of shad. These dudes did it as a crankbait with the shad 'bodies' packed inside the crankbait. They want to sell to the mass market, I wanted a bait to catch big ones.

There was a fad awhile back in saltwater fishing where guys painted schools of fish on the undersides of their boats. Similar concept.

If Koppers made this bait right, it's going to light some worlds on fire. Watch for every crankbait company to copy this design immediately.