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Topic subjectOh the places you'll go
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12231, Oh the places you'll go
Posted by swimbait, Thu May-15-14 09:03 AM
Reflecting today on all the places fishing has taken me. I can't help but be hyper-focused on catching fish, whether it's taking my boys to the local pond or fishing a 400 boat tournament. But more in the recent years I've taken time to look around and soak in the beauty of the places fishing has taken me.

Here's a list of all the places I've been over the years. Some highlights. And a few places I'd still like to make it to.

California Freshwater
Lower Otay
San Vicente
Castaic Lagoon
Mission Viejo
Santa Margarita
Santa Ynez River
Sespe River
Sisquoc River
Manzana Creek
Davey Brown
Piedras Blancas Creek
Matilija Creek
Cal Poly Ponds
San Antonio
Pinto Lake
San Justo
Del Valle
Los Vaqueros
San Pablo
Shadow Cliffs
Spring Lake
Clear Lake
The frog pond at U Wanna Camp
New Melones
Don Pedro
Los Banos Creek
Rancho Seco
Big Sur River
Twin Lakes - Mammoth
Twin Lakes - above Huntington
Twin Lake - Bridgeport
hey why are there so many twin lakes
Tamarack Lake
Huntington Lake
Shaver Lake
Big Creek
San Joaquin River
Edison Lake
Florence Lake
Upper Kern
perhaps 20 small high sierra lakes from Purple Lake to Bench
South Lake
North Lake
Intake II
Portal Forebay
Upper Owens
Lower Owens
Pleasant Valley
Mammoth Creek
Hot Creek
Hat Creek
Fall River

California Saltwater and South, by Boat
Golden Gate
Santa Cruz
Morro Bay
Santa Barbara
Anacapa Isl
Santa Cruz Isl
Santa Rosa Isl
San Miguel Isl
Catalina Isl
Santa Barbara Isl
San Diego
Cedros Isl
San Martin Isl
San Benitos Isl

California Saltwater by shore kayak and tube
Ocean Beach
Mussel Rock
Linda Mar
Rockaway Beach
Morro Rock
Montana de Oro
El Capitan
Santa Barbara
San Diego Bay
La Jolla

Sam Rayburn
Toledo Bend

Bayou Liberty
Bayou Lacombe
Bayou Bonafuca
Tchefuncte River

Lake Bill Waller

Disney World

Wish List of Adventure
GT fishing in New Caledonia
Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro
Okeechobee in Spring
Lake Fork
Lake Austin
Eire for smallmouth
Musky on Lake of the Woods
Ocean stripers off the east coast
Alijos Rocks long range
Any lake 2 hours or less from my house that has big bass
New Zealand river brown trout
Alaska anything

Best Of
The backside of Cedros Island is a special place in the world. Watching huge yellowtail crash the surface was a heart pumper.

San Pablo in the early 2000's was astounding. Big giant bass, and so many of them.

Don Pedro 2005. Bass so hungry for a swimbait we switched to smaller hooks.

Slammer fishing at Coyote before they stopped planting trout. Big sloppy bass eating big topwater. I can still hear the sounds of the blowups in my head.

Clear Lake on the a-rig

Catching 60 stripers in a day on the Delta. Cast after cast on the all white BH.

The madness and agony of night time beach sriper fishing

"The Point" at Huntington Lake, for sentimental reasons

Wide open barracuda on the Horseshoe Reef on the stardust. Tady A-1.

Sunny day halibut at goleta beach from the float tube

Catching a 13 in a tournament at McClure and an 11 in a B-n-T tourney at Coyote & Rancho. Big bass by themselves are fun, big bass in tournaments add to the adrenaline.

12232, RE: Oh the places you'll go
Posted by MountainBass, Fri May-16-14 07:44 AM
Great post! Yeah, fishing has certainly taken many of us to awesome places. I had never heard of GT fishing before, I had to google search it. Epic looking!

Love that Intake two made the list haha. I hope you got some nice flabby Alpers trout there :P
They had the same title for an article in a local fishing news paper for about ten years - "Get your take at intake two"

Some great moments in my fishing life....

Borrowing a bucket from a shore fishermen and running 1 mile with a 13 pound bass then getting a ride from a cop, to get it weighed and photographed before releasing it. I was 13 years old I think.

Getting arrested by a helicopter and a professional tracker at San Leandro Reservoir }(

Getting paid to talk about swimbait fishing at BPS in TN and fishing in the aquarium!

37lb limit and 14 hud fish in one day with no trolling motor, and all the other team 85 adventures!

12233, RE: Oh the places you'll go
Posted by Fishcat, Sun Jun-01-14 10:54 PM
Hey. I remember that Rancho BNT night tourney, I barely edged you out for Big fish :-) we both had twin 11lbers !
Still have that excellent pic you took of her too.
Glad to see your doing well man.
Dave M
Oh ya, you did win overall...
12234, RE: Oh the places you'll go
Posted by MountainBass, Mon Jun-02-14 08:09 AM
You forgot quarry lakes! If I remember correctly you caught a smallmouth or two there ya? What about that little pond in Fremont by where you used to work! Elizabeth? haha. Just trying to make your list better!