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Topic subject"Small" Swimbaits vs. Larger Ones
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3852, "Small" Swimbaits vs. Larger Ones
Posted by nscharfe, Thu Jan-29-04 12:40 PM
I guess this question is pertanent to all baits, but especially to swimbaits. It is widely accepted (i think) that large swimbaits are one of the best ways to go for catching giant bass...and more generally, large baits are often seen as the way to go for large bass (i.e. 10" worms, large jigs...). I have never fully understood this phenomenon. I am not saying that small worms or other small baits do not catch big fish (as seen with the current DVL record largemouth)...but rather that they are not used to specifically target big fish. I guess this makes sense since it is not worth it for a big fish to go out of her way to eat a 4" worm.
When it comes to swimbaits, however, a 6" or 7" swimbait seems like it would be a great "meal" for even a huge bass. Therefore, why would a larger...10" or 12" bait be used? Is a large bass going to pass up a 7" trout because it isnt worth the effort? Or is the issue that a 7" trout is not going to match the stocked trout as well as a larger 9" or 12" swimbait would? Or are there other issues that I am not aware of?

I hope the question makes sense.

thanks for the help!