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Topic subject Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
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5762, Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by Hooked_Up, Sun Feb-13-05 06:22 AM
I just lost what looked to me like a 12 to 15lb fish about 20min ago in the pond behind my house. I had pro rigged an optimum and done some modifying to it, wanted to try it out before church.. 3rd cast on the main lake point from shore, with my only bait, she just jakked it. Didnt even have to set the hook. She stripped drag, jumped 4-5 times but couldnt get out of the water, just kinda wallowed, then got me in some bushes in deeper water,and my line broke.. Actually, it was my knot, which makes me feel even worse because i know it could have been prevented...
I was on the top of the world for about a minute.. Then bottom of the ocean along with $15 dollars and a bass that i would have pictures of for the rest of my life.. *sigh* I truly believe that fish would have won the VA bigbass contest i am entered in. Gosh!..

Bright side is, i found out that the modified color worked, and on a giant fish too. And that my pro rigging worked because she tried and tried to throw the hook and couldnt, so there is a plus for the future. But.. what a giant..

There is my story, the story of a dejected man for the rest of the day, but a resiliant one as soon as i can get another bait! Good Fishing! AND FOR GOD SAKES CHECK THOSE KNOTS!

5765, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by Lightninrod, Sun Feb-13-05 05:19 PM
Did you still go to church?:D

I know that broke your heart. Hopefully, you'll get another chance at her. I've found the Crawford Knot is reliable, easy to tie, and doesn't slip even on f/c or braid.

5766, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by Hooked_Up, Sun Feb-13-05 07:16 PM
Yeah i went! I was so upset i had to.. I prayed for forgivness at communion thinking i did something wrong, asking god to hit me in the head when ever i was getting ready to do it again so it would keep me from losing another fish like that! Giant.. I have obsessed about it all day.. Any words of wisdom?
7944, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by swim-bait.com, Sun May-21-06 06:13 PM
we've all had this happen, to me a couple of times......its the worst when its a knot. reason # 4,056 to why good gear is a must for BIG FISH. and for God sakes check them knots.

7945, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by baiter, Sun May-21-06 06:34 PM
hopefully that bass can throw the sb later
7947, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by cst, Sun May-21-06 06:50 PM
i dont think throwing the swimbait will be an issue, that thing is heavy and has no pressure now. it'll just take some headshaking to get it done.
7948, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by supermat, Mon May-22-06 07:28 AM
You think you're obsessing about it now.... its been nearly a year and a half since a high teener jumped 3 times before shaking me off at the boat... I STILL obsess about it! Not to mention the 10+ I lost in a tourney the other day! Ugh, I think I'm going to get in my fetal position and rock some more.

7949, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by swimbait, Mon May-22-06 10:57 AM
It happens. And it hurts. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but most of the time it's an equipment failure or a tactical mistake. All you can do afterward is learn from what happened and do your best to never let it happen again.

My worst one was a ~16lber that I hooked on a jig in February about 4 years ago. Had it right to the boat but didn't have a net with me. The fish went nuts at the side of the boat and spit the jig. I dumped my rod and reached in up to my armpits to grab her. I had her on both sides of her body but she slipped out of my grip. I doubt I'll ever get another chance at a jig fish that big and it sucks thinking about it. If you value your sanity, don't go fishing in a boat without a net.
7950, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by magmaster, Mon May-22-06 11:12 AM
I agree a net is crucial with the bigger fish. I have made that mistake a few times on big fish. But then I got a net and lost my cell phone instead so its a toss up :D
7960, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by rockstar, Tue May-23-06 11:01 PM
So far I've never boated a hawg. Last Sep. I had the most outrageous day when I fought over and over and over nothing but what must have been HUGE fish. My first hook up of the night clues me in that I probably never even really got a hook set because I had a fight going on and when it got off I reeled in and discovered I had not removed the plastic hook protector on my Storm swimbait. The fish fought like crazy and never even had a hook in her. I was only using 8# test and a medium powered spincaster as I was certainly not expecting anything near this size of fish. I broke line trying to set hook on these fish several times. If the line didn't break, every time I had them within a few yards of my tube they would get off. I'm now convinced they never had a hook in them...that's why they never surfaced and tried to throw the bait. By the end of the night I had blisters on my hands and bruises on my belly from one fantastic fight after another. Went back two days later with an 8' backbouncer Loomis and got nada. So yeah, I think I know how you must feel.
7980, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by malakas, Tue May-30-06 10:06 PM
I lost a 17 pounder once........when I was about to lip her (about 1 foot away) the hook just popped and she slowly swam away.
7981, Yay story time.
Posted by Jeremyfisher, Wed May-31-06 08:41 AM

Here's my sob story.

I've lost some big fish in my day, but there is one that stands out the most.

I was throwing the rago rat, just covering water down a bank. It was a misty, overcast morning around 8 am. Right over this huge boulder my rat is wakng and all of a sudden I see this massive bass rise up behind it and follow it in. She turned away and then swam back to her spot.

It was July, so this was very unlikely a bed fish. I backed up, and got in perfect range to offer her one more thing before I knew she would probably spook.

I finally decided on a crawdad bait, a small mad man.

I did a under hand pitch so that it wouldn't splash up near the boulder where she was near. It fluttered down perfectly and settled on the boulder flipping up a lil sand as it landed.....She darted right on it, put her tail towards the surface of the water and inhaled I set the hook and she turned on her side. Then it just slipped out. She was 16-17 lbs. I was shaking so bad, and I was truly heartbroken.

I ultimately just needed bigger tackle looking back.
7982, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by MountainBass, Wed May-31-06 11:27 PM
Heres mine...

I was out at san pablo. I had beached the boat and walked out on a point and casted the original castaic trout. I was almost back to the bank when I got nailed, I hooked up and the fish took off for the air and in one huge powerful jump a beautiful young looking bass threw my bait. It was easily 15lbs if not more. I got a great look at it. Small eyes, perfect fins and no major blemishes. I was telling fishchris about it later that day, and when I got home, there was an e-mail from him sayin he ended up hooking into a fish that fit the same decription I gave. Got off for him too x(