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Topic subjectRE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
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7982, RE: Ever lose i REALLY big fish?
Posted by MountainBass, Wed May-31-06 11:27 PM
Heres mine...

I was out at san pablo. I had beached the boat and walked out on a point and casted the original castaic trout. I was almost back to the bank when I got nailed, I hooked up and the fish took off for the air and in one huge powerful jump a beautiful young looking bass threw my bait. It was easily 15lbs if not more. I got a great look at it. Small eyes, perfect fins and no major blemishes. I was telling fishchris about it later that day, and when I got home, there was an e-mail from him sayin he ended up hooking into a fish that fit the same decription I gave. Got off for him too x(