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Topic subject"Fixing" the ROF 0
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6193, "Fixing" the ROF 0
Posted by Urban, Tue May-03-05 10:44 AM
I accidentally acquired an ROF 0 the other day. So this weekend Im out fishing throwing the ROF 12 and I stumble into a shallow fish bite. I had to kinda burn the ROF 12 while keeping my rod tip high, I lost three nice fish doing this (it was totally cool watching a large fish try to kill my bait in 2 foot crystal clear water on three consecutive casts). IMO, I lost those fish because I was realling too fast and they just werent getting the bait in their mouth.

So I threw the ROF 0. I was surprised to find that it sits a little too high in the water, such that upon a slow retrieval the tail does not waggle, in fact it does nothing, comes straight through the water like a stick. The fish wanted nothing to do with the ROF 0 (and I dont have a 5).

So here is the question. Has anybody tried to tweek the 0 so it sits low enough in the water that its tail waggles during a very slow retrieve? At this point the only thing the 0 seems good for is deadsticking and I dont deadstick. Any suggestions on this or general thoughts would be greatly appreciated.