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Topic subjectGreat ideas, thanks guys!
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6209, Great ideas, thanks guys!
Posted by Urban, Tue May-03-05 06:52 PM
Several comments. I did stick my rod in the water to try and achieve slight depth. I still had to reel too fast, and on long casts even that wouldnt work until the bait was somewhat close. Plus, I wasnt sure I would be able to set the hook if I got bit.

Matt, you suggest putting a weight both fore and aft of the stinger harness? Guess that means I have to poke a hole in the bait, right?

What Im gonna do is fill a bucket full of water, then attach mojo weights first by rubber bands until I achieve what I want. Then Ill insert them into the hole! I really dont want to poke a new hole in the bait since I would then have to seal it, and my 0 will never be a 0 again.

Great idea about the fishing line and removal.

What Id really like to do is find some tungsten nail weights, the smaller size likely would be easier on the bait during insertion, plus they wouldnt add unneccessary bulk to the bait.

I let everyone know what happens.