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Topic subjectHeres what I did
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6217, Heres what I did
Posted by Urban, Wed May-04-05 12:17 PM
I wanted the ROF 0 to fall very slowly, even much slower than the 5, so here is what I did.

I took mojo weights, and some slender drop shot weights with the swivels removed (the only things I had at home, others things would have been better). I filled a bucket of water to the top, then wrapped a rubber band around the middle of the bait. Next, I experimented with weights putting them under the rubber band on the belly. First finding, these baits are very sensitive to even slight weight changes. Once I found the amount of weight I wanted, I then took the rubber band off. I found that even the weight of the rubber band influenced the fall of the bait. Thus, I started over by taping each weight to the belly with as small a piece of scotch tape as possible. Be careful, I found that the scotch tape will pull some of the paint off the bait.

Turns out, I had to take pliers and very carefully remove A LITTLE lead at a time to achieve exactly what I wanted. Once I had the weight I wanted I lubbed it up with smelly jelly to avoid tearing the bait during insertion. I found that there is no room to push the weight through the hole and towards the tail. To do so you will have to push the weight through solid plastic. So what I had to do was push the weight through the hole towards the head, and it now sits to one side of the factory weight, you can not perfectly center this weight. The weight has deformed the bait slightly, but even though the weight sits to one side, the bait falls horizontally. And, the weight is easily removed, you can push it around with your fingers through the plastic. I did not seal the hole, although I may after I see how the bait fishes.

Sorry this is long, Im procrastinating like a big dog at work today. Im very happy with the results, cant wait to throw it this weekend. Thanks to all for the input.