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6272, Update
Posted by Urban, Sat May-14-05 02:52 PM
So I took the modified 0 out the other day for the first time. First, the weights I inserted had a tendancy to want to come out of the hole in the belly. This caused some tearing, and eventually I started losing the weights too frequently. Ok, so I made an on the water seal using the Castaic soft bait glue. Second, and this is one I didnt foresee coming but should have, water temp influences how the bait falls meaning to get exactly what I wanted I would have to adjust the weight according to temp. But, I already sealed the hole. What I ended up doing was taking some split shot and crimping them onto the shaft of the hook that is buried into the belly. This worked and it was simple. I got bit a bunch of times but only put one of them in the boat x(

BTW Josh D, they work at night :7