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Topic subjectROF 0 for Sale
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6273, ROF 0 for Sale
Posted by Urban, Sun May-15-05 02:50 PM
Thats it, Im done with the zero, modified or not. I cant hook fish on this thing. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get better hookups with just the one treble on the belly?

Right off the bat yesterday I lose one pushing 10 halfway to the boat (nice, big jump:o) on the zero, then a little later had about an 8 go ballistic, jumping everywhere, right at the boat it pops off. I look at my bait and not only is it mangled, but the spit ring looked like a pretzel, Ive never seen that happen before. Guess I should have heeded the warnings and bought the hyperwires. I guess some peopld have to learn the hard way.

Put the 12 back on and got one good one, so I salvaged the trip.