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Topic subjectWell, I really learn the hard way
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6290, Well, I really learn the hard way
Posted by Urban, Wed May-18-05 01:23 AM
All my baits now have hyperwires and two hooks. Also, I tried to skimp on the rod, and its obvious that what Ive done is throw the backbone out of my rod (lamiglass magnum grass rod, it doubled as my frog rod plus I could fit it in my truck since its telescopic. Guess Ill just have to open the slider and stick the rod through it). On longer casts I just cant get that hook home. Although I wanted to get a crucial, my buddy is bringing the heartland over tommorrow, right now I cant argue with the price. I really hope that rod works, I need a break. Ive lost more big fish in the last two weeks than I can ever remember.

I hope my problems are over