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6760, "Trophy hunter" dad...
Posted by cotton, Tue Jul-19-05 07:49 AM
What a great web site! I'm from L.A (lower Alabama) but really enjoy this web site...I like to fish for big fish but I don't qualify as a a real trophy hunter as most of my fishing is taking my kids fishing on Sunday. I usually set out a live bait and spend my time re-baiting brim hooks. Still, I enjoy reading about what y'all do out here on the cutting edge of trophy bass fishing. Keep up the good work!
6764, RE: "Trophy hunter" dad...
Posted by massbassguy, Tue Jul-19-05 04:30 PM
Agreed, it is a great website. I am from Massachusetts, fish nothing but the trout ponds here. This forum is a wealth of information for me. I appreciate all the expertise that is on this board. Your trophy largemouth methods also work in our trout ponds.

6771, RE: "Trophy hunter" dad...
Posted by creekx, Wed Jul-20-05 07:32 PM
Welcome Cotton, I'm trying to catch a fish bigger than my PB in Ky.