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Topic subject10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
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9693, 10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
Posted by Matt Peters, Mon Oct-01-07 02:11 PM
OK, I just got some new baits, and thought I'd attempt to post some pictures and first thoughts.

10" 4 Piece Raptor Hardbait:

Big bait. Repeat, Big Bait. Bait is a full 10 inches long and the body of the bait is easily 1.5" wide. From the top dorsal fin down to the anal fins, the bait is approx 4" tall. I don't have a scale in front of me, but this thing rivals the Armageddon for heaviest bait I own. 7 ounces maybe? The bait is beautiful, no doubt. Appears to be built with quality components and the paint job is stellar. I'm not blown away by the rubber tail section. Just in contrast, nowhere near the details or color matching of the main body. I think that can be improved upon, but it works.

10" Bass Harasser

Reaction Strike does a LOT of things wrong, IMO, however, they do a few things right. The 10" Harasser is pretty legit. The color of the bait is by far their best trout, and as far I'm concerned, is the only commercially avaialble 10" bait in the "hudd" department. So, until Mr Hudd releases a 10" or 12" bait to the general public, I'll tinker with this 10" bait. Reaction Strike apparently has learned to not have their baits smell like a chemical factory either. Very pleasant odor on the 10" bait. Nicely poured. I'm wondering how well it will swim. I'm not thrilled about the hook harness under the bait being so far back. I like it more up in the throat/chin area, but hey, I can rig around it. Top Hook...poop. The single hook on the Harasser is in a really bad, weird position. The hook point is at a 45 degree angle to the back of the bait. They should mold that top hook so only 50% or maybe 60% of the bend in the hook comes thru the top. More better low profile, and more better the chances of hooking up. This top hook looks like fish prevention more than fish catching. If they hit the bait from the side, that big ole top hook might be too tall for the fish to get hooked. Still, you can cut that top hook off and rig around it.

8" Raptor 4 piece (Dark Trout)

Now this thing is pretty much flawless. I can see myself fishing this little bad boy. Its small enough to get inhaled, but big enough to get big fish bit. I really like the paint job. I don't understand the tail on some of Jerry's hardbaits...its too technical. Just make a hard tail that is relatively loose, and pin it in there. 316 style. O boy, WWWIII, I am trying not to cause here, but anywho, that tail won't survive a good smack on something hard very well. I could be wrong, just my first impressions:

9694, RE: 10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
Posted by bigfish2, Mon Oct-01-07 02:59 PM
cool baits!
let us know how the reaction strike swims. If it has that stable fall like the hudd and tracks straight.

9695, RE: 10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
Posted by offduty, Mon Oct-01-07 07:35 PM
I love the action on the Rago's but I too would like to hear about the Reaction Strike. I bought some in 8", 6" & 4". I did not like the action and will probably never use them, They did not seem to kick or fall right. I thought the Rago's swam and fell real nice though.
Thanks Rich
9697, RE: 10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
Posted by strbass, Mon Oct-01-07 09:01 PM
Still waiting for the 10" floating tool.

I like the color on the dark trout, sucker is gonna get chewed up.
9709, RE: 10" Rago 4 piece, 10" BassHarasser, 8" Rago 4 piece
Posted by offduty, Tue Oct-02-07 03:38 PM
I had 5 of those and sold 2 on Ebay but I have 3 left. I might be able to part with 1 and will probably turn 1 in to a slow sink with some added weight. I usually tape on weights to the belly till I get what I want and then drill to add them to the bait then epoxy over.