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Topic subjectDec team tournament
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48077, Dec team tournament
Posted by dbalaba, Wed Nov-29-17 08:44 PM
Hey guys trying to get more participants for the team tournament, would a date or location change be better? Choices are December 10th ,16th or 17th and changing the location to Tiki Lagoon or Disco Bay. Any input is welcomed. Please respond with a vote. Thx!

Comanche , Tiki Lagoon or Disco Bay on the 10th, 16th or 17.


48081, Camanche it is December 10th
Posted by dbalaba, Mon Dec-04-17 08:44 AM
48082, RE: Camanche it is December 10th
Posted by 510Fisherman81, Wed Dec-06-17 03:22 PM
I'll be there Dan!
48083, RE: Camanche it is December 10th
Posted by LzyFsh, Thu Dec-14-17 10:11 AM
So how did last Sunday at Camanche turn out. How was the fishing?

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