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Topic subjectDon Pedro check-in (Revised)
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48216, Don Pedro check-in (Revised)
Posted by dbalaba, Tue Sep-17-19 07:40 AM
Hey tubers! Next stop Don Pedro. We’ll be launching from the Fleming Meadows launch ramp( 11500 Bonds Flat Rd, La Grange, CA 95329). There is 10.00 day use fee launch and no launch fee for unregistered vessels.

Sal will be there camping Thursday and Friday if anyone wants to camp out just look for his truck.

Check in: 5:50-6:10
Launch 6:15
Weigh in 3:00

Entry 35.00
Big fish 5.00

All bnt rules apply

See you all out there!

48217, RE: Don Pedro check-in (Revised)
Posted by Robm478, Tue Sep-17-19 01:41 PM
Looks like I will have to miss this one. Really bummed about it. Good luck to all of you and I will see y’all at TOC.

48218, RE: Don Pedro check-in (Revised)
Posted by mteman, Thu Sep-19-19 02:51 PM
I have to miss this one too. I was really looking forward to it but life gets in the way. See you at Clear Lake.
48219, RE: Don Pedro check-in (Revised)
Posted by dwbrown, Fri Sep-20-19 05:37 PM
Hey Dan,

Are we launching at the ramp or where that address takes you?
48220, RE: Don Pedro check-in (Revised)
Posted by fishonsal, Fri Sep-20-19 09:09 PM
At the ramp. Where the address takes you is before the actual booth. Follow the street signage Go to Fleming meadows. There’s a booth. Then follow to ramp.